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Probate Attorney

What Does A Probate Attorney Do?

The properties you own are distributed among your family members or young ones once you leave this world. A probate attorney takes care of the complete proceedings that come after. Deaths are an unprecedented event and people leave their properties behind without naming any beneficiaries or handing over their assets to the rightful heirs. And that is where the probate attorney plays his role by identifying the estates and assets and distributing them among the heirs or representatives of the family.

Probate attorneys at Sundance Law have expertise in dealing with the remaining creditors and distributing the deceased’s wealth accordingly. Before organizing and distributing the estate, the attorney analyzes the will, and if they find any discrepancies, they go for an estate planning attorney. In short, a Probate attorney is an individual who is designated to settle one’s property affairs after their passing.

Finding a Probate Attorney with Sundance Law solves the disputes that may come up among family members and fairly distributes the assets.

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How Can A Probate Attorney Help You?

The formalities associated with the property need legal actions after the individual dies, and our probate attorney is here to help.

Complete Assets Collection

When you get legal services from our Probate Attorney at Sundance Law, your entire collection of assets from different properties to security and insurance firms’ resources is managed by our team of attorneys. We ensure none of your bills or debts are left behind after death. The settlement of each invoice and debt is cleared at the earliest.

Handling the Tax Issues

Properties have massive taxes and can be the most significant issue if you leave them unsupervised. The taxes remain dormant, waiting to be paid even when the owner is no more in this world. Our probate attorney at Sundance Law handles all these property, inheritances, and income tax issues without disturbing the traumatized family.

Prepare and Complete Documents

We understand when a person is no more, the family is already going through a tough time. Our expert probate attorney takes care of all the legal documentation for them. We always take care of the court’s requirements and file the forms accordingly.

Fair Asset Distribution

After collecting the entire estate information, resolving all the debts, clearing the bills, and resolving the tax issues, we distribute the family members’ property assets accordingly. The probate attorney transfers the assets to appropriate beneficiaries as per the law and fulfills all the probate court’s requirements.

The Process of Probate Attorney Sundance

Our method of taking care of probate court requirements is simple yet effective. We make every possible effort to satisfy our clients, each with their own unique needs. The probate attorney process involves:


  • Initial Contact

We start the attorney process with an initial conversation to discuss the basics of the deceased’s information and the properties they have left behind. The contact is via an email or phone call as per the client’s convenience. We satisfy your needs and then move forward with the next steps.


  • Meeting and Discussion

After the initial contact, we get an idea of where you wish to head and give your case the most appropriate attorney, whom we think can understand your requirements. Our probate attorney designs the cost plan and presents you with the initial pricing.


  • Follow Up Call/Meeting

We give time to our clients to make up their mind and then call or meet for a follow-up. Once they agree with our conditions, we present our finalized budget and proceed accordingly. The settlements are also discussed here, and we make specific negotiations on pricing and our strategies as per the client.


  • Final Proposal

Sundance Law’s Probate Attorney’s final proposal has all the points as per the clients’ requirements. The distribution of properties and complete details of the beneficiaries are present in this proposal. You get to know about all the allocation of liquid assets, including the taxes, debts, and other bills. Here you get a clear understanding of how our firm and you will work together.


  • Review

We give utmost priority to the clients’ needs. At this stage, we review the entire proceedings thoroughly and, if required, we make immediate changes. The probate attorney keeps in touch with you during each step of the process.

  • Proceedings

Once done with your review and our recommendations, we begin with the legal proceedings and consider all your legal issues and requirements. Finally, we negotiate the matter in your best interest.

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The death of a family member or a loved one is truly devastating. But in reality, the matter of inheritance cannot be ignored. Whatever estate the deceased one owns needs proper allocation.  And our probate attorney in Sundance has the answers to your questions.


We believe your comfort comes first, and that is why we take care of all legal matters and compensate with the most favorable outcomes. Our experts have years of experience, and you can see with the confidence that we have in our work. We make every penny count, and once you become our client, we strive to make you a loyal one.

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