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What Does Business Lawyer Do?

A business lawyer knows the legalities of owning a business more than the owner. These professionals handle all the procedures, problems, and even potential mishaps with excellent efficiency. The business lawyer is also known as a corporate lawyer or commercial lawyer. Having a business lawyer can be of great help when starting a business or getting involved in any legal procedures. At Sundance Law, there is a team of experienced business lawyers who are willing to make these complicated procedures easy for you. From starting a business to organizing a company as a sole proprietor or a partner entails a fair share of complexities that your attorney is well equipped to handle. The legalities like taxation etc., vary significantly with the type of organization you choose. Business lawyers at Sundance Law can help develop the most beneficial legal structures for you.

Conversation in Court

How Can Business Lawyer Help You?

We have years of experience in serving our clients regarding all their business affairs. We find pride in resolving your issues and bringing a satisfactory experience to you. Our business lawyers have expertise in the following issues related to the business:


Whether you are hiring new employees or committing something to clients, paperwork is essential for the record. Business lawyers know all your different requirements of the procedures that need to be taken care of while strategizing your business decisions.

Business Finances

If you have invested money after acquiring a loan from a bank or investment company, you are opting for a highly complex procedure. Not all business owners have time to cater to these lengthy procedures and often sign up for something risky. This is why business lawyers exist. At Sundance Law, we look after all the financial matters at hand and create room for your business to grow.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Liquidation

If you have decided to invest in your business and generate revenue out of it or you’re planning a merger to acquire a competitor, do not forget to consult a professional. Only experienced business lawyers can bring the most lucrative deals in these cases.

Contract breach

Frauds are everywhere. You may not know what you are getting into while signing a contract with a client, employee, supplier, etc. Your contract with the client may result in some unruly dispute in the future, your ex-employee might leak valuable information to your rivals, or our supplier may be violating the terms of service. All these problems must be handled by a professional who can anticipate these issues and create the contract that covers the crucial areas of your line of work.

Property and rent disputes

Whether you are purchasing a property for business or signing rental agreements, property matters require complicated legal procedures, which must be handled with care and of course professional advice from a business lawyer.

Compliance and risk management

Risk is involved in every aspect of running a business, therefore at Sundance Law, business lawyers make educated decisions and advocate the creation of strategies with minimal risk factor.

How Do
We Work

  • Approach Us

You can easily reach us via call or email. Our Customer Care team is always there for you with the best solutions and advice. If you have emailed us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Hearing your Problem

On our first call, we listen to you, your story, and all the issues you are facing regarding the business. There is no compulsion to get our services or pay any charges for this session, but we can only give legal advice after becoming our client.


  • Follow Up

After listening to your story, we discuss all the possible solutions with our team and then contact you with a proper plan that you can benefit from. In this call, we also give you an idea of the cost you will incur for the consultation.


  • Our Plan

In the next step, we set a meeting to sign an agreement. Your case is documented, and the charges are demonstrated along with other terms and conditions. This document has details of a complete lawyer-client relationship.


  • Getting Started

Once you sign, we set a meeting to start working together. We immediately begin implementing the personalized strategies to get you out of the problem at hand.


  • Changes In Plan If Required

Depending on the situation, we sometimes have to change the plan to provide the best outcome to you. We do not take any decision without our client’s consent. After discussing the changes, we negotiate the possible consequences of its application.

Why Choose Us

Our client satisfaction rate is higher than all the competitors. We cater to your problems as our own and provide customized solutions to every client. At Sundance Law, we have a qualified and experienced team of business lawyers who are brilliant in their niche.


We are passionate about exceptional customer care service and open about all the charges. We convey all the changes in the plan or costs straightforwardly to maintain transparency.

Contact and Get Professional Help From Business Lawyers

At Sundance Law, we have a team of the best business lawyers who offer thoughtful and personalized advice throughout the process. Our business lawyers at Sundance Law have experience in commercial and corporate affairs ranging from starting a new business, hiring employees, dividing shareholders’ rights, and providing legal counselling to everyday problems that business owners face.


Our team will help you with all essential legal issues through a proper channel. We are with you from drafting to filling the legal paperwork. To get more information about how we can help you with your business affairs, give us a call.

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