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Estate Planning Attorney

What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

The Estate planning attorney is the legal advisor for settling an estate or property-oriented matters after the owner passes away or signs it away. Your property assets are the valuables you accumulate your whole life, and you need to resolve them well after you are no longer the caretaker. Sundance Law Estate Planning attorney finds worth in all that you have. Our lawyers help you create and plan documents that can be beneficial for your family and loved ones. All your wishes are honored with the best. Taking care of the specifications, you have mentioned in your property planning will is the job of an estate planning attorney. The power of attorneys, trusts, and directives are a part of your long-term planning, and an estate planning attorney is a resource to do so.

Getting yourself an estate planner eliminates your assets’ uncertainties after your death or any unprecedented medical condition where you no longer are able to oversee your assets. Here you distribute your property and organize the expenses willingly.

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How Can Sundance Estate Planning Help You?

Your legal estate formalities need planning and expert assistance. We are here to help with:

Prepare and Update Documents

We help you prepare the estate planning documents by considering your will and concerns. But we also know that the dynamics of life keep changing, and so can your plans. Our estate planning attorney keeps you updated with the latest laws and leads you to analyze your goals for the distant future carefully. Depending upon your requirements, we are ready to make amendments to your estate planning documents.

Customized and Professional Drafts

We do not work with templates that go from one client to another. Our Estate Planning Attorney develops a customized draft according to your requirements and goals. We value your decisions and execute professionally written drafts with proper witnesses and public signatures. Once you agree with the draft, we proceed with the documentation.

Legal Estate Distribution Advice

The distribution of estate from your side is all about your priorities. But Sundance Estate Planning Attorney is more than just choosing the beneficiaries. We listen to your intentions and propose our recommendations covering all your assets and proceedings after your death.

Long-term Commitment

Whether you are purchasing a property for business or signing rental agreements, property matters require complicated legal procedures, which must be handled with care and of course professional advice from a business lawyer.

The Process of Estate Planning Attorney

We carry the estate planning process in the most organized way possible and always satisfy our clients and their needs. The steps involve:

  • Initial Contact

Initially, we get in touch with you via email or a phone call to ask some questions to have a mild understanding of your property assets. The discussion lasts for as long as you want to and till you feel comfortable and satisfied with our estate planning attorney.


  • Meeting and Discussion

Once we get the initial idea, we set up a meeting with our estate planning attorney, who starts analyzing your requirements. Based on that, we propose our rough budget and provide some consultation free-of-cost, to begin with.


  • Follow Up Call/Meeting

Our team of experts value clients the most. We then propose a budget, discuss the benefits you can have by working with our estate planning recommendations, and making necessary amendments and negotiations.


  • Final Proposal

Sundance Estate Planning Attorney’s final proposal covers all the clients’ needs and requirements, as discussed before. We ensure the power of attorney, will, and trusts will be rightfully distributed among the designated beneficiaries. Here you get a clear understanding of how our firm works and respects your commitment.


  • Review

We do not move forward without your concern. The estate planning attorney discusses the property distribution and reviews them along with the client. If required, we make changes on the spot and never leave any errors behind.


  • Proceedings

Once done with your review and our recommendations, we begin with the legal proceedings and consider all legal scenarios and requirements. Finally, we negotiate the matter which lies best in your favor.

Connect with an Estate Planning Attorney Now

Deaths and severe health conditions are never in your control, and you have to prepare yourself for the worst. We wish you a long healthy life, but you never know what comes after. Working with Sundance Estate Planning Attorney will keep your properties secure and well-aligned with the latest estate laws.


We believe that it is always better to stay a step ahead of the curve. Our experts guide you through with the best advice and compensate for the favors you deserve. We make every penny count, and once you are our client, we make sure to make you a loyal one.

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