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Employment Attorney

What Does Employment Attorney Do?

As an employee, you have many rights, but you can reassure them by seeking professional help from an employment attorney.

Employment attorney provides a number of services to employees and employers. Any dispute in the working environment that affects the employee-employer relationship can be resolved by the involvement of a party that knows all legal procedures.

At Sundance Law, there is a team of experienced employment attorneys who are willing to represent you in legal matters when it comes to your employment rights. Hiring an employment attorney is beneficial for you in many aspects such as:

  • Representation in the court

  • Researching and reviewing legal documents

  • Opposing the file motion immediately

  • Professional consultation

Conversation in Court

How Can An Employment Attorney Help You?

Sundance Law has years of experience serving its clients regarding all employment issues. Our employment attorneys have expertise in the following services related to the work environment:

Explanation of rights

While you are working in a company, you do not know all your rights that an employee has over his employer and other employees. This is the main reason that people tend to remain quiet when they are treated wrongfully or harassed at their workplace. An Employment attorney can explain your rights to you and help you speak up against the violation of those rights.

Drafting and filing complaint

In most legal matters, the employer has a compulsion to file a legal claim with the government authorities and other agencies before the employee can take any action privately. In such cases, employment attorneys guide the employee about the relevant agencies and where to file the motion, they also inform them about the time frame as timing is an important factor in legal matters.

Compliance of Laws

An employment attorney working for an employer keeps them posted about all the changes in or introduction of new terms to help them remain compliant with laws. This includes various laws such as anti-discrimination laws, wage theft, wrongful termination, breaching of contract, etc. At Sundance Law, our employment attorneys stay connected with you from the get-go, from drafting policies to filing lawsuits. They also represent the employers in front of the state and federal courts.

Legal actions

Employment attorneys help employees with lawsuits. They represent employees in court against the employer’s legal stance. Employment attorneys also represent employers if the labor wrongfully accuses them or an employee has breached the contract by violating confidentiality agreements.

The wrongful actions of employers for which an employee can file a lawsuit include:

  • Minimum wage and overtime violation

  • Break and leave issues

  • Illegal wage deductions

  • Breach of contract

  • Wrongful termination

  • Worker compensation

  • Sexual harassment

  • Employment discrimination based on age, race, LGBT status, color, gender, etc.

  • Union issues

  • Disability accommodations

  • Third-party issues

  • Assigning the employee to a less deserving job.

How Do

We Work

  • Approach Us

You can easily reach us via call or email. Our Customer Care team is always there for you with the best solutions and advice. If you have emailed us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Hearing your Problem

On our first call, we listen to you, your story, and all the issues you are facing regarding the business. There is no compulsion to get our services or pay any charges for this session, but we can only give legal advice after becoming our client.


  • Follow up

After listening to your story, we discuss all the possible solutions with our team and then contact you with a proper plan that you can benefit from. In this call, we also give you an idea of the cost you will incur for the consultation.


  • Our Plan

In the next step, we set a meeting to sign an agreement. Your case is documented, and the charges are demonstrated along with other terms and conditions. This document has details of a complete lawyer-client relationship.


  • Getting Started

Once you sign, we set a meeting to start working together. We immediately begin implementing the personalized strategies to get you out of the problem at hand.


  • Changes In Plan If Required

Depending on the situation, we sometimes have to change the plan to provide the best outcome to you. We do not take any decision without our client’s consent. After discussing the changes, we negotiate the possible consequences of its application.

Why Choose Us

The employment and labor attorneys at Sundance have successfully catered hundreds of employment claims for those who need it. Our client satisfaction rate is higher than all the competitors. Our team pursues your case with immense dedication and provides customized solutions to every client.


We are passionate about exceptional customer care service and open about all kinds of charges. We convey all the changes in plan or costs straightforwardly to maintain transparency. Our team of experts serves you the best regardless of the time and when you decide to reach out to us. We are available 24/7 at your service.

Contact And Get Professional Help From Employment Attorney

At Sundance, we have a team of the best employment attorneys who offer thoughtful and personalized advice throughout the process. Our employment attorneys at Sundance have experience handling claims and lawsuits that affect the employee or employer’s mental peace.

Our team will help you with all the essential legal issues via a proper channel. We are with you from drafting to filing legal paperwork. If you or anyone from your social circle has encountered improper treatment at your workplace, do not hesitate to share it with us.

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